Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Craft supply run!

So I've been telling myself for some time now that I do NOT need more supplies for anything and that I can make do with what I have. That mindset can only last so long! I joined a few swaps that were color themed and quickly realized how lacking my stash in certain colors! I was particularly surprised since green is one of my absolute favorites and yellow is pretty high on the list too. It turns out all my greens are more green-blue or aqua. So off I went to not one, but two craft stores to find yellows and greens!

Here is what I came home with!
9 sheets of paper, 6 stamps, 2 glitters, pack of roses, 2 mini spools of ribbon, sticky yellow borders, and chipboard letters! 

I almost put the typewriter back but figured I could use it as a non-valentine stamp by not inking "be mine"

I thought these were pretty nifty, but I have no idea what they will be used for yet haha.

Why yes, yes I did buy alot of stamps yesterday! The Micheal's I went to had quite the selection of dollar stamps but a rather pathetic selection of open stock paper (let alone YELLOW or GREEN paper). It was so lame in fact that it almost made me buy a giant pack 280 pages of scrapbooking paper. That's the one thing that is on the forbidden list right now! I can only buy paper if it's loose because alot of the books have stuff you don't use or it just sits there, forgotten. So I got stamps! My theory is that I was able to find *enough* of each color that I would be able to make do with adding stamped images to whatever. I am having a bit of buyer's remorse on the 2 (not one, TWO) containers of green glitter I got! I don't use glitter very often, so it will be around fooorrrever!

As you can tell most of my craft purchase was impulsive! Like the pack of rosettes, they were on sale for a dollar sooo, I can't really pass on those. Actually everything I got yesterday was $2 or less!

Here are some ATC's I made (pre-craft supply rampage)
For a private swap! sent out today :)

Altered magazine image on the left, giraffe (duh?) to the right. both for swaps!

Testing out the new stamps for the brown paper bag ATC swap ! I like how they turned out! But my Marie Antoinette drawing skills could be worked on...

Anyone go crazy and actually buy the 280 pack of paper? Maybe we need to start a support group....

Mail news

Lots of mail news! Not only has postage cost gone up but they have also decided to stop delivering mail on Saturdays starting in August! Very sad! I guess that means I'll just have a bigger pile to look through on Mondays though  :)

Also there is a lil ol post office in Vermont that is trying to fight off being closed. The owner recently posted a request for handmade postcards to be sent to her personal PO box as the post office would be able to stay open if it had more mail going through it! Please help her keep it open! Check it out here!

Since we're on the topic on mail! Here is what has come in since the last post!
Valentine ATC with extras! I was so surprised to find a watch face!

A fauteuil chair postcard made just for me! :D

So many chairs!

Valentine themed ATC

Magazine/collage clippings swap!

Lot's of great items to use! :)

APC swap!

Handmade postcard swap for the junk that's on your art table!
the back!

ATC swap, stuffed with extras! *swoon*

This rolo made me gasp it was so pretty! It's actually the back!

The front!

And here is the mail that I sent!
Valentine's Cards and a birthday card for my friend (who was born valentine's day!)

My postcard that I sent up to Vermont!

A note to a friend!
Well darn I forgot to snap a few pics this morning before sending off my mail! Has everyone sent off their Valentines yet? Better get to it! :)