Monday, March 25, 2013

More snow and more mail!

Been a bit slow on posting, but here goes! Do to the overwhelming number of pictures of incoming and outgoing mail, I haven't seperated the two. It's kind of cool to see what I sent and received in order right?

A long awaited response from Pamela at

great stamp!

Yello altered rolo from a swap!

Joss papers from Pamela

Joss enveloped that were filled with cat papers!

A beautifully packaged swap from the woodlands ATC swap i did

Mail from my best college buds!

The first new hot rod stamp I've gotten!

Letters to previously mentioned best college buds! I  had great plans for melted wax crayon stationery,  but it didn't work out as planned!

More Joss envelopes! I'll have to think of something fun to do with them!

I love Canadian stamps!

From a cat rolo swap! She used a picture of her own cat!

From my friend Alyssa R from Not quite Dying art

This was my first piece of mail from IUOMA 
It was from Mim, who is a Virginian like me! Check out her blog here!

And here was my suprise to her!

A destash swap! Oh how I love them!

A pile of pretties all ready to go! caught me taking pictures of my own stamps before sending!

A rolo I made for a swap...

A postcard for a local mail artist friend!

Anyone get  good mail today? Or just snow?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow day!

Since today is a snow day I figured there really isn't any excuse to avoid blogging! It's been a slow couple weeks for mail. Maybe everyone is feeling the winter blues and negleting their mail art? Who knows!

Here's the incoming!
An Altered rolo plus some vintage ads
A cute cat atc and extra printouts! (so thankful!)

Some much needed APCs to add to my collection!

A postcard from a little girl in Germany
Everybody loves pretty foreign stamps!

I always wonder if any of my packages get the  "non-machinable" stamp!

A fun package from a pen friend!
I was sad, the pretty notecard she sent for me to use got stuck to the tape in the envelope and tore :(

One of the coolest envelopes I've seen so far!

This was for an altered magazine image ATC, it's a method that is found in Bernie Berlin's ATC workshop book

Two postcards! One from my boyfriend while he was traveling and another from a swap!

He was trying to impress the hipsters by not even writing anything (not even his name!)

APCs and an ATC for a swap!

The first attempt at the keep calm!

Homemade postcard for a swap

Yet anoter homemade one, for a (you guessed it!) purple swap!

"A good head and a good heart are a formidable combination"

I know it's a little oversized..I got carried away!

Yellow rolos for a yellow swap!

Back of the peacock package!

Postcards going out for a swap!

I had alot of fun making these! They are for the woodland ATC swap

Tree themed ATC!

Can you tell I like doing the color themed swaps?

I was totally on a tissue paper kick the other day too...

A fashion themed APC for someone at atcsforall!

And lastly here is the view from my window! Hope everyone is safe and sound ans enjoying their snow day!