Monday, August 27, 2012

Incoming and outgoing!

It was a big day for my mailbox! My parents are starting to wonder why I get so much mail. They don't know about swap bot and its probably better that way haha

FIRST UP! This is all the mail I got today! I finally remember not to tear through them without taking pics first! I got some really cute ones at the end of last week but opened them before remembering!

Mail Pile!
I got two postcards today from my boyfriend while he was at ocean city. He was worried the frog one got lost!

I got two letters from my best friends from college today! They're awesome and get me! Oh and they're twin sisters so that's pretty cool too!
One had stickers on the front with some stickers inside and a note!
The other had a dielik (spelling?!) postcard and a  cool note. (she always has really cool stationery!)

Pure awesomeness.

admire the prettiness!

I also got some mail from swap botters! The first had friendship books from a recent private swap I did. She made hers out of notecards! The other was a notecard swap, so now I have pretty notecards to send around!
Friendship books!
Pretty notecards!
As for outgoing mail, here is what's being sent! I wrapped some of the packages in sample fabric before wrapping it in magazines so it would have more cushion. There are 3 packages of atcs (for a big swap,) 3 packages of notecards (notecard swap and private swap,) and 2 letters to a new pen friends! One letter is not "wrapped" yet=) I have to get that done before I make my post office run tomorrow!
A new re-purpose for all that fabric I have around! YAY!

The before picture
And after!

All of the notecard packages!

An introduction letter to a new pen pal!

The letter on the bottom is a swap bot pen pal letter!
Mail always makes monday blues better! Anyone else get cool mail today?