Friday, August 31, 2012

Crayon therapy!

Happy Friday! Anyone have big plans for labor day weekend? Unfortunately I will be working all weekend (except sunday!) and I seem to have developed sniffles! Nuuu I hate little cold symtoms, or maybe it's just allergies? Or maybe it's just from working in a fabric store all week? Am I allergic to work?! POSSIBLY
Taste the rainbow! I will probably try to cover these in corresponding fabric or scrap book paper.

Anywho! I haven't had much time to commit to crafting this week sadly! But I have been working on some friendship books for a swap! I also have been thinking about some fun mail art for envelopes! 

Here is one idea that I actually tried! I got the idea from a link on pinterest where a mother put down painters tape in an "I <3 you" form and let her little kid scribble all over it. When she peeled off the tape it left and impression on the white paper. It looked really neat! So I had some circle stickers from god knows where and I thought I would try a gradient polkadot look.

I love the smell of crayons don't you?

Starting to scribble after putting stickers on my envelope. Its an old business envelope that never got used hence the address. I have hundreds of these from when they went out of business for some reason.

scribbling complete! Now to peel off those dots!

The finished product! It kinda goes with my bedspread don't cha think? I don't mind the old address since i can slap a label on there.
I highly recommend crayon therapy. Everyone can scribble!

I also discovered THIS! It's on tumblr and since I'm a bit of a tumblr newb I have no idea what each err page? user? is called. Anyway it's pretty awesome for finding a few mail art ideas! And pretty typewriter pages!
(via typo! | curbsidetreasure)postal-art:

Artist Carl T. Chew, from Seattle, Washington 

I also thought I would post the finished  product of the letter I sent off earlier this week in its pretty packaging!

After! Ipod was covering her address.
Hope everyone has a spectacular three day weekend!