Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Recycled Plush Doll!

During my relatively uninteresting day of work, I started trying to think of some kind of softie I could make that would use up some of my massive stash of rescued sample book fabric from over the years. I work at a fabric store so thinking about fabric projects seems pretty logical =)

Sketching out ideas while watching the history channel!

I tried looking up some simple softie patterns online that would work, but I didn't find anything that I liked. The problem with working with recycled or sample size fabric is that you are limited to very small projects if you want everything to match. Most of the book fabric that I have is maybe 8" by 6" (or something like that) and each piece in the book is a different colorway or pattern. So you can get a bunch of different fabrics that go together pretty easily, its just the matching them that is hard. And I don't want a super hard patchwork project. SO the person above is the simple "pattern" that I drew out. I figure if I make it small and mess around with a few diff fabrics it should be good.
My little man and his materials!
I was boring today when I picked out fabric since I just grabbed the first book I found and a random fabric sample (probably leftover from an interior design class) and picked what looked good enough from it since this is pretty much a practice run. Have I mentioned I am a softie virgin? Anyway from the top down is hair, face, shirt, and pants. Next I trace my drawing on to trace paper (that was Definitely a design school leftover)  and cut it out.

Coming to LIFE
Then you do all the boring things like pin your pattern to your fabric choices. Watching Dr Who during this phase is optional.
I cut out a hair shape from the brown velvet and just hot glued it on. I wanted to sew it on with some embroidery floss, but the fabric was being stubborn.
Safety pins do the trick when real pins are MIA!

Starting to come together! =D
 Then you just have to sew it together! Watching Dr Who is MANDATORY for this part! Well ok, anything on tv will do just fine!
sew wrong side to wrong side!

Yay now one whole side is done! I'm a bit too tired to finish him up today so I'll put a picture up when I finish him tomorrow! Any one else think  that that he looks like Andre the giant from princess bride a bit?