Friday, August 24, 2012

Happy Friday!!

ITS FRIDAY! Yay we all survived! I had a close call this morning with a deer on the way to work, but luckily the little guy made it to the woods just fine =)

While Andre the Giant is waiting to be finished (I've been too tired after work the past few days to help him!) I figured some people may be wondering how the name of this blog came to be!

WELL! Too make a long story short, OMAHGOD CRAFTIES is what I would often say to my friends and my poor roommate who had to live with me for four years when I had a really good craft idea. It is often paired with excited jazz hands and maybe a little happy dance. My very awesome boyfriend actually brought it to my attention so I really have to credit him with coming up with the idea, even though it's something I've been saying a while so I'm not sure who gets credit! I figured it was the easiest thing to name a blog and still keep to my general excitement over doing crafts!

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Hopefully Andre will get finished up tomorrow! I can't wait to show him off =D