Saturday, August 25, 2012

Time to Swap...FBs!

Hey there! I have created a swap on swapbot that is newbie friendly if anyone is think of giving the website a try! The swap is for friendship books (or FBs as they're known in the internet world) Where you would be making 3 new books for your partner and sending out one already established fb.
An owl FB I made! I just used some card stock and recycled paper!

If you are interested in joining the fun, please head over to swap bot Here! The deadline to sign up for the swap is September 12 and the deadline for sending out is the 29th. Plenty of time to make things!

I know some people may not know what a Friendship book is, so let me explain. Essentially it is a small book that is usually stapled together with blank pages. The front is often decorated. On the inside you will find the address of the person the book was made for (or the person who made it) whichever of these addresses is first in the book, is the owner who the book gets returned to once the book is full. The book gets passed along through swaps and pen pal letters until the book is filled up with addresses of people who want to be pen pals. Once it is full, it is mailed back to the owner!

Under each address people usually mention what they are looking for. Like if they want a pen pal, like talking to people world wide, or like sending different postcards. Their are abbreviations that swappers use since the FBs are usually pretty small and if you take up less space then there's more room for other people to fit into the book!

There's alot of different ways of doing these and some have their own names. They are called sticker bags, decos, mom fbs, and friendship sheets. They all are a little bit different but I think right now I will stick to FBs as they seem the simplest!

I always thought it would be cool to have a pen pal and this seems like an interesting way of meeting alot of different people. Is this something you would ever try? Or does it seem safer to find your pen pals in other ways? Let me know what you think!