Thursday, September 20, 2012

Happy Saturday!

I think my mailman holds all my mail til one day so I have more than one thing to be excited about. This came yesterday!

Okaay so maybe it's not a real Saturday. But give me a break I work on the real Saturdays! I'll take my weekends where I can get them!

Incoming mail!
Color swap! She gave me lots of colors since I'm a lover not a hater =)

Notecards from the color swap. All Parisan themed!

A map of the Czech Republic! I like pretending that I can speak foreign languages when reading haha

A Castle in Germany
Pretty stamps from the Czech Republic!

Pretty awesome looking guy

Beautiful stamp!

I love all the stickers and labels that come with foreign mail!

Outgoing mail!
A note out to my friend Kimberly!

An intro letter to fellow mail blogger Pamela. I visit her blog for inspiration!

I love reusing magazine pages with textures or color like this
This one is full of friendship books!

A boring white envelope dressed up with a pottery barn catalog! This one is going out to Lin for the color swap!

Find anything interesting in the mail box today? I'd love to hear!