Sunday, September 16, 2012


So I was a little sad this week as I didn't get very much mail! I did however get two postcards and a letter from my friend Kimberly during the week though! Ahh sorry I don't have pics of them!

BUT when I least expected it on Saturday, I was inundated with mail and packages! Look at that huge package! Naturally my excitement was overwhelming. So I decided to open from smallest to largest since I knew the big package would have fun things to sort through from a swap!
I am a VERY special woman!

I got a belated graduation card from some  relatives! Even though it was 4 months after graduation I was still happy to see they remembered me and included a little money to help me out.
I can't wait to write something on this cute stationery!
I  got some stationery from a stationery swap! Look at how cute it is!

I also had ordered a few things from etsy. By things I mean stamps. Sallycrafts has a variety of rubber stamps and other craft supplies! She also shipped out very quickly! The prices were too good to pass on so I just bought them while I could.  I'm one of those online shoppers who usually leaves everything in the cart for a few weeks before buying.
You can expect me to use these with my mail art soon!

Okay so now its time to open THE BIG ONE. I got this one for a swap (on swap bot of course!) for extra craft supplies that you aren't using anymore. There were so many things!

Mini chickens!!
mini miniatures!

Craft magazines!

Oooh so many possibilities!

Yay something for the dollhouse!

I am officially banning myself from buying rubber stamps. for now...
A strange little mobile with animals all over it! looks handmade!

Cute stationery with a fish!

Lots of paper for mail art! Who wants mail?!

Cute leaf ornament! Handmade? I can't wait to find a home for it!


Funny. I went to a Titanic exposition this year in D.C.


Lots of booklets from museums and places she'd been.

I'm glad this had already been cut up a bit else I would feel to guilty to use it for anything!
I actually shared a few things with my mom and we found a great place for the flowers and the garland with a wreath hanging on our porch. I think its cute! How do you like it?