Monday, September 10, 2012

Playing Catchup

I'm a  bit behind on posts so here's the scoop all in one post! So remember that softie doll I was working on? Well I didn't forget about it! I actually "finished" him many weeks ago! But I accidentally left him in my boyfriend's car somehow and only just got him back this weekend. As you can see, he is a bit of a fail. Poor Andre the giant. I didn' leave enough seam allowance so the stitching is coming out. Next time I will know to make him bigger!

I also sent some postcards out for postcrossing last week! I also got a postcard from the Ukraine and a letter from a fellow blogger! Today I got a letter from Russia with beautiful stamps! Is that enough exclamations for you in 3 sentences?!
One for the Netherlands, Belarus, and Germany!

I'll write you soon, Alyssa! You should check out her blog:The Not Quite Dying Art

The top one is from the Ukraine with a traditional wedding bread. The second is from Russia.
So many wonderful stamps! and all hand cancelled! *swoon*

She says the woman on the stamp is me! She must secretly know I love big fancy dresses...

She included her address so I think I may send something back!

Out going today was a Big package for a craft supply swap and a letter to my twin friends from college =)
Even if it is just a bunch of random magazine pages, it's so much more interesting than a boring brown box!

Making use of my crayon scribble envelope!

Did anyone discover a lovely surprise in their mailbox today?