Sunday, September 9, 2012


Sorry it's been a few days since I posted, I've just been worn out after work! I will post the letter and postcard I recieved a few days ago!

Today my boyfriend and I decided to go geocaching especially since there is a park behind my house with a lot of caches in it. Today was my first time and it was definitely interesting! Geocaching is essentially hiking+treasure hunting so it gives an excuse to be outdoors in beautiful weather like we had today!

We had some technical difficulty with getting Todd's GPS thingy working and trying to install a GPS on my smartphone. BUT we got it to work!
Pretty path to walk on!
The first geocache! Pretty easy to find next to a log!
Trying to open the second one!

Goodies inside! There's always a log to sign and trinkets. If you take a trinket you're supposed to put one in.

old glass bottle I was very tempted to take home.

Can you spot the geocache?! It took us probably 20 mins looking for it