Monday, October 1, 2012

Incoming/Outgoing for the week

I got many nice postcards last week and today! I also got a package of friendship books from a swap on swapbot.
Package of Friendship books! Aiieee so many!

Private swap on postcrossing from Russia!

pretty stamps!

From China
A drawing instead of words! Awesome skills =)

From Portugal!

Towards the end of the week I got a letter from one of my best friends and 3 ATC's from a swap I did on ATCs for All for an alphabet swap. Funny the only letters I have are J K and L so I guess I need to swap more for those? ATCs for all is a really great site if you're just interesting in ATC's. It's really easy to set up one on one trades with people on the site and you can get cards that fit in your collection since you can pick them out in the gallery. On swap bot as well as the themed group swaps on Atcs for all it's a random selection on what you will get. The biggest between the way two sites handles the swaps is that on Swap-bot, the coordinator just hits a button and the partners are sorted out and each person sends directly to their partner. On Atcs for All, the cards are all sent to the coordinater (often times with a spare envelope and usable stamps) and the coordinator manually chooses which cards go to whom often trying to match like efforts together. Both are great  websites and it's really up to you! I like Atc's for all because I can look through each person's gallery to see their style, but I haven't been using it as much lately because it's annoying to upload photos to the site. I always have to "resize" each image so it takes alot of time.

My ATC Collection binder made with a salvaged binder and salvaged fabric!

really fancy/expensive toile!

Took a picture and ran to meet my mailman at the mailbox!

The mail lady at the post office said I made pretty packages =)

Made with outdated atlas pages! Filled with paper goods and on its way to Austria!

trying to use my stamps!

this is one of the ones that I got from etsy
Anyone find surprises in their mail today?