Saturday, October 6, 2012

Quick Craft of the week!!

I finally had a good idea for all my fabric book samples! I have hundreds of sample fabrics and books that were going to be thrown away at various places, but naturally I couldn't let them go to the landfill!

SO my idea that I woke up with one morning, which is probably an obvious idea for most fabric crafters, was to make drawstring pouches! I randomly decided at 10 last night to start the project without really drawing anything out or planning. I just grabbed the first sample fabric I found, some ribbon for the drawstring, and a needle with sturdy silk beading thread. (yes I know I'm unusual) Since I did so well at planning out this project, I don't have any process pictures! But this is what it looks like when it is finished! It is all hand sewn and took me about an hour total to make but it would probably go much faster on a sewing machine. I wish I had used different ribbons, but this was what I had on hand so it works well enough!
Its prettier blue than it's coming up as, I swear!

 I am thinking that they would be good to use as gift bags for the holidays (they're coming up!) and they're reusable too!

If I am persistent enough I might make a bunch more and put them up in my Etsy shop. What do you think? Do you make any reusable types of gift wrapping?