Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mail Pile

Its been hard keeping/catching up with blogging over the past few weeks! Here is some of the mail that I've gotten and sent while my computer was being super lame!


A swap-bot note from someone I've started writing to.

Someone who I sent a FB home to actually responded to my letter! Still need to write back...

Swapbot note with lots of extra postcards!

Second note from Miss Hoffman!

I love doughnuts too!

My favorite Christmas card so far. I joined a huge xmas card swap on  swap bot.

I'm not sure I was prepared for so much holiday cheer already!

Polish Steampunk kitty. Courtesy of a postcrosser!

You gotta love foreign stamps! Or are you a mail hater?!

Some more xmas cards! I still have about 20 more to get haha. What was I thinking?!
Really pretty stamps

Inside the great stamped envelope (from a postcrosser in Russia) I found these two lovely postcards, one left blank for me to use :)
A Lovely note from Kim on swap-bot with some much loved extras! (Atc sleeves, stamps, and  postcard with a stamp already on it!)

Apparently I have been slacking on taking pics of outgoing mail even worse than for the incoming! I wish you could have seen the giant stack of xmas cards that went out last week. Or some of the pretty packages I sent off yesterday :T Ah well, here is what I DO have to share! :)
Woo stamps! This one has an APC in it and is on it's way to Australia!

This Beauty is headed to my new pen pal over in Germany

Fun tape!
A thrift store find swap box for Lin! I didn't have any mailing boxes so I grabbed a cereal box from the cupboard. They work just fine!

Anyone else send or get some cool mail over the past few weeks?