Friday, January 4, 2013

Holiday supplies continued...

So I was stuck in a target for over an hour today for them to fill a prescription so I will use that as my excuse for buying more supplies! After all I won't have much free time once I start my full time job on Monday! It's still a retail position, but hey it's something! :)
doilies and tissue paper from target for a dollar. sequins from party city $3.00
I have a thing for buying Christmas cards this year!
Clearance Christmas items from target
So I found some doilies finally! But they weren't the ones I was hoping for, where can I find those heart shaped ones?! I guess its for the better since I can use these all year! Even tho I know I have a decent stash of Valentine supplies I had to make a run to party city (it's right by the target!) to see if they had any goodies for me! The most craftable thing I could find was the table scatter sequins, which can start to look a bit pricey sometimes. And I say pricey because I don't use it all the time or alot, so its hard to justify spending $4-5 dollars on a bag that will be sitting around awhile. I got the baggy I did because it has a variety in it, all the others were just hearts! And this one was cheaper!

If you're into decorating or crafting for the holidays, you should know the best deals are AFTER said holiday right?! I got gift labels, envelope seals, embellishments, and Christmas cards for less than $5! All of the Christmas items are at least half off, but alot of them are 70% off which is when you can get ornaments and card sets for a few dollars. I managed to save $10! Saving money is pretty awesome ^_^