Sunday, January 6, 2013

Weekend Hiking and Antiquing!

Todd and I went hiking at Bull Run Marina yesterday! It was ALOT hilly-er than I was expecting! But it was good exercise which is something I need more of this year! :x

Slightly creepy lake!
Todd wearing my Christmas present!
Today I went over to the Dulles Expo Center where they were having the big DC Flea. Awesome place to walk around and see a lot of old stuff! While it's a little pricey to get in ($8), there were still some treasures to be found! Unfortunately most of the prices were driven up because each person has to pay a booth cost, but that's how it goes at most antique/craft/art shows!

Tiny salt shaker for a dollar

Metal printer's block ($1.50) and a Buddha ($6)

Postcards! 3 linen! 2 were 50 cents the other 2 were $1.  $3 in all!

Old valentine $1
Wood block ($2) and key ($1)

Shaker with a purpose!
As you can tell, I am NOT a big spender! I'd rather buy a handful of small things that I know I have space for and can afford! And it's not what you buy when you go antiquing, it's what you learn and having fun just looking! I found out that my USA Postal bank that I posted about is probably not that old! Which is fine because I didn't spend much on it. I found one that was old and green and looked much different! It was $50!

Where do you all find items to add to your collections?