Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The book post

Since I've been MIA from the blog, you all have missed out on alot of mail art and crafty action! But no worries! I'm here to fill you in! First we will start with the bookish crafts!

I had an urge to make a book...from scratch...from  recycled stuff...for a secret santa thing (the game where you can steal each other's gifts) at work because I didn't feel like spending the allotted $20. So the paper is actually the old ugly work stationery that came from my dad's old company (some of you have probably seen me use it for letters!) that I cut down to size so you wouldn't see the logo. The fabric I actually saved from going in the trash at work. And the "hard" part of the binding is just a wheat thins box. I mostly followed this tutorial on instructables. Even though book binding is tedious and a bit time consuming it is extremely rewarding once you finish it! I'm actually making a min-notebook from the scraps of paper leftover from making this journal. Woo for reusing!

 I've been working on my smashbook/junk journal thing! It's so full and there's still so many blank pages! Do your junk journals look as messy as mine or is it just me?

So stuffed it can't even close!
Changed a few things around on the cover!
And last but NOT least a real book! okay a craft book with lots of pictures, but that still counts right? This gem of an art book is called Artist Trading Card Workshop. I borrowed it from the library last month and my boyfriend got it for me for Christmas! He's so thoughtful! Anyway I really recommend it if you're looking for new techniques to try out on your ATC's but I think most of these ideas can be used for whatever you feel like!
Anyone else try to bind their own books while I was away?