Monday, March 25, 2013

More snow and more mail!

Been a bit slow on posting, but here goes! Do to the overwhelming number of pictures of incoming and outgoing mail, I haven't seperated the two. It's kind of cool to see what I sent and received in order right?

A long awaited response from Pamela at

great stamp!

Yello altered rolo from a swap!

Joss papers from Pamela

Joss enveloped that were filled with cat papers!

A beautifully packaged swap from the woodlands ATC swap i did

Mail from my best college buds!

The first new hot rod stamp I've gotten!

Letters to previously mentioned best college buds! I  had great plans for melted wax crayon stationery,  but it didn't work out as planned!

More Joss envelopes! I'll have to think of something fun to do with them!

I love Canadian stamps!

From a cat rolo swap! She used a picture of her own cat!

From my friend Alyssa R from Not quite Dying art

This was my first piece of mail from IUOMA 
It was from Mim, who is a Virginian like me! Check out her blog here!

And here was my suprise to her!

A destash swap! Oh how I love them!

A pile of pretties all ready to go! caught me taking pictures of my own stamps before sending!

A rolo I made for a swap...

A postcard for a local mail artist friend!

Anyone get  good mail today? Or just snow?