Friday, May 3, 2013


Hey there! It's been awhile since I've posted any mail so I've decided to break everything up a bit. Hopefully it's easier that way!

Here's what I have been finding in my mail box lately....

Incoming postcrossing from Russia and one from  swap-bot

Russian stamps are pretty cool! This one is a fairy tale.

From Germany

Arttower's Artistamp

A letter from Tina in Germany

A letter from Minna in the UK

A postcard from Melissa of Craftgasm

Some great ATCs from Stephiedee of Swap-bot

more swaps!

An older Roosevelt stamp

A teacup ATC swap!

ATCs reswapped

ATCs reswapped!

Why yes that is an easter egg. with many lovely stamps!

And filled to the brim with goodies!

A letter from Alyssa

Postcard shuffle swap! From New Zealand 

My first New Zealand stamps!

Round postcard swap from Mail Me Some Art

Mailbox ATC

I love stamps!

Postcard swap from New Mexico. 

Mail Art from Amy Morton from IUOMA

Mail art from "E" on IUOMA

A certificate of authenticity. Am I officially a mail artist now?

Postcrossing from the Czech Republic and the Netherlands

Czech Republic stamp. He wrote "My name is John Johnson I come from Wisconsin. I work in a lumber mill. When I walk down the street, they ask me my name. I tell them my name is John Johnson I live in Wisconsin..." I was slightly confused haha

Stamps from the Netherlands, the couple who sent it to me collect and sell stamps from the European Union.

ATC Swap!
An older stamp I haven't seen before :)

I Love the birds! Must have come from a colorful book

Postcard swap!

Letter from Alyssa

Bookpage ATC swap

Pink rolo swap

Some great APCs to add to the collection!

I love mail days like this...

Postcard anyone? I won a lot of postcards on an auction site.  Lot's of artsy and unusual cards here!

Mail from!

Very pretty notecards!

Find anything waiting for you in your mailbox today?