Friday, May 3, 2013

On the work table

Here are some pictures of what I've been working on lately. Some have already been sent out and some will be on their way soon! I have been trying to use up my paper stashes and have been working on all kinds of things!

A gesso over magazine trick. I really loved the image so I didn't alter it any, I just wanted that illustrated type look. It got a little wrinkled and the colors went wonky when I glued it to a postcard. I plan on hanging on to this one for a bit. It took a little more than an hour.

A pink postcard I made for mail me some art. It's a really  great site for homemade swaps!

Even beautified the pack!

A blue postcard for swap-bot. Basic collaging and some stamping.

Teacups! Made by putting gesso over Japanese book pages and using crayola markers over it. I love the look this technique has. Anyone else do this type of work?

A few pretty packages I sent this week.

Probably the prettiest piece of mail I've ever sent! It's made from an  old planner cover. The back of the planner had a little pouch, so I figured it would make an awesome envelope! Yay recycling!

I hate just tossing old planners, but it can be tricky to new projects with them!

It has been a busy week for rolos! I find that these suckers are faster to make than ATCs, for me at least. The one with a peacock does not have a home yet if anyone would like to set up a trade!

My favorite one that I made!

Second favorite! I'm trying to use up all of my security envelope paper! It's a daunting task!

The prize for most random goes to....

"Let the spirit of the adventure set the tone"

I have a whole stack of scrapbook paper that is just fancy lettering and words, but I'm having a tough time using it! This is one of the results...

I need a caption or a quote! Any takers?

APCs for a swap. I had fun making these by layer tissue papers and then just stamping over them. I think this works well when you have detailed stamps like these. The one on the top right corner is actually tracing paper over scrapbook paper. I stamped the main image and then stamped the other shape around the edges. Looking back I think I should have stamped the paper underneath and then stamped the main image on the tracing paper.

Security envelope ATCs. As much as I love the patterns on security envelopes, I find that it is actually a bit difficult to find a proper use for them! I like the way the one on the right came out, I think its because the colors just coordinate so nicely.
Anything fun on your worktable lately?