Saturday, September 1, 2012

THE Question

No no no. Nobody's asking me to marry them and I don't want them too! The big question in my world would come from my family members, and in fact it did today. What's the question? "Why are you getting so much mail and so many packages?" my mom asked today (I know I'm lame and still live at home to save money.) I tried to evade the question by saying they were just  online friends but she kept prodding. So I said they were swaps for crafts and postcards. Not a whole truth but also not a whole lie. I am cautious about telling my family about creative endeavors because they tend to see a lot of them as a waste of time and money and don't fully understand the happiness that creating things and getting mail can bring. So I tend to keep my projects more to myself because I feel embarrassed about sharing them with my family or I worry that I will be put down for doing what I love. Anyone else have to do the same thing?
Mail pile that started The Question 

On a MUCH lighter note! I did get some pretty awesome mail today! Two packages and two letters, a great combo punch after a long day at work!

Package numero ono I have been expecting for a while now. It was for a swap on swap-bot for a reusable swapping bag. To be fair it did come all the way from Switzerland! How cool! I LOVE the bag that Annick sent to me =) *UPDATE* I showed this bag to my mom to help her understand swap awesomeness. It may have worked!

Cute card and building excitement over seeing a pinnapple bag!

She explains that the bag shows the three main languages spoken in Switzerland! French , German and English!

^_^ I should really upload a pic of the bag from all angles as it is different on each side. So adorable

As if she hadn't already brightened my day, she also included some extras in the form of book pages for art projects. Now I can look more cultured by having Japanese, German, or Portugeuse in my art work.

The first letter I opened was actually from a gentleman in Germany! This was actually not pat of a swap. I won an auction for two postcards on a site called Listia where you can bid with credits as opposed to actual money. I haven't decided if I will be sending these cards or keeping them in my personal collection!
The first one is of a Swiss bridge the second is London's Big Ben. Which I saw many years ago but am only just now getting a postcard!




Package 2! A GIANT ENVELOPE OF FRIENDSHIP BOOKS OH MY GOSH. That was pretty much my reaction when I opened this package! I was talking to a friendly person on swap-bot who heard I was new in the land of FBs so she said she would pass along a few. I said a handful would be plenty! I guess 40 is a handful these days! Thanks Pam!

After looking through some of them I have discovered they have come from as far away as Italy and Japan! I also found one that needs to be sent home as I am the last to write in it! There will likely be a separate post about that =)
awesome stamps!

Letter 2! A pen friend letter! This was actually a part of a swap believe it or not! They have swaps where you send letters to your partner to help you find an awesome pen pal! Thanks Stacey!

Cute sticker on the back of the envie!

An envelope seal! why don't I have cute things like this yet?

Anyone get awesome mail to brighten their day today?