Sunday, September 2, 2012

Friendship book Madness

So remember that package I got on Saturday with 40 Fb's in it? Weell I signed each and every one of them by hand that night! Also I pulled some stats based on the ones I got because I thought it would be cool to see where your FB can go if you're a newbie like me! Also lots of pictures in case you're wondering the do's and do's. I know I'm still learning!

Hello kitty is a popular theme
All the ones that need to go home!

Out of the 40 books I got, 19 countries are represented and 31 different US states! The oldest book I came across was from 2008 and I was the last to sign. I was the last signer for three of the books which I now must return to the owners and (fingers crossed) they get there. The one that is from Japan only left an email addy so hopefully she responds with a real addy to send to!
This one belongs to Kaori in Japan. I got an email back so I will be sending this out later in the week!

The Countries: Germany, Poland, The Netherlands, Scotland, UK, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Greece, Austria, Brazil, Finland, Spain, Norway, Singapore, Italy, Canada and USA
It's cool seeing all the artsy mailing labels

stickers are everywhere!

Kittens are also popular

The US States: Virginia, Texas, Iowa, Arizona, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Hawaii, Florida, California, Alabama, Montana, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Kansas, Indiana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Arizona, Ohio, Mississippi, Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, Louisiana, Arkansas, Montana, Georgia, and Wisconsin

I feel like most states are like different countries since the us is so big so its cool to see where they travel.
Cows were just as popular!

I saw some posts in the FBs that were just a signature, place and date rather than a whole address or list of what kind of interactions they wanted. Some people also just put their name, email, and what they want. Most people stick their address labels in or print off tiny labels to stick in the books to save space. Looks like just about anything goes!

This one was particularly sturdy. I think the cover was an old cereal box covered in paper.

tiny book from australia. They used a magazine image for the front and recycled envelope paper for the pages. 

a sewn book!

Most people just staple some paper together and call it a day. These ones seem to be in rougher shape than the ones made in booklet style. And they last even better when you put packing tape on it!

This one was  unusual in that it is meant to be kept by the last sender.

I tried to avoid taking pictures of the insides of the books because there's just so many addresses that would need to be edited out. Have any ideas for making a few yet?