Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Incoming and Letter storage

Hi there! Got a few things today in the mail that I thought I would share. The first is from a pen friend who works midnight shifts at a motel. I imagine she's seen...many things.
She wrote it at 4 AM!

I also got a mini package of ATCs from Australia. This was for mass swap of ATCs you had to send at least 4 ATCs that you made or that don't fit into your collection to your 3 partners. This was my third package for the swap so I should go back and take pics of the others =)
Cute stationery and ATCs

Olympic Stamp

Rose ATC

Over the weekend I realized I needed some way of keeping all of the letters and notes I get in the mail from people so I decoupaged a shoe box with mail themed items. I mostly used the insides of envelopes and stamps that I have collected from swaps and mail.

Remember this sticker from before?
Finally something to do with my hoarded stash!
The Ship is one of my favorites!

How do you store your pen pal letters or cards from friends?