Thursday, September 6, 2012

Out going mail mishap!

I tend to only send mail out once a week as it makes it easier to just go to the post office once and saves time. Today I actually had a lot of mail that could be sent out through my mailbox, which is rare for me as most are packages that I need the weight checked to buy stamps for. Well as I was driving home from the post office I realized that one of the postcards I sent I didn't stick a stamp on as I had planned to buy them at the post office! It accidentally ended up in my mail box with other letters while I was getting ready to run errands. The difficult thing about this situation is that A. apparently mail men don't check that there's postage as they're picking it up and B. since it's a postcard it has no return  address. That means that it will probably get to the person I sent it too, they just have to pay for it before they get to see it! EEEKS! Talk about bad  mail etiquette! Anyone else done something like this before?

This isn't quite the whole pile. I forgot to take pictures of some
Anyway I sent out 9 different things today! One was a penpal letter, 3 were friendship book return letters, 2 were winner takes all (WTA) packages from swap bot, one swap package, and 2 postcards. Jeesh that's alot!
My return letter to someone in japan!

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A WTA is kind of like playing the lottery. You can find them in swap-bot groups and plenty of other places. You essentially join and if your name is picked, everyone has to send you something that was the chose theme for that WTA.
This WTA theme was fall colors! The person that one does alot of sewing and decoupaging which is why I sent fabric and decorative tissues to her. The paper pads were actually splurges for myself, I think they're the perfect size for all kinds of things!

Fancy tissues that are too pretty for nose blowing

I decided to wrap this in cardboard before shipping so it wouldn't get too damaged on it's trip

I seee you!

Not a busy day for my mail box today but I did get my first postcrossing postcard! It's from Nadhirah in Malaysia.

She says "saya suko kucing" means I love cats!