Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Altered Rolos

My first rolo ever! It looks alot like water colors, but its actually just marker on wet paper. I was inspired by Todd's beta fish.
My first rolo for a swap! An alphabet swap :)

It's time to introduce a new interest! They're called altered Rolodexes (or rolos for short). I had been looking in to what they are and what they can be used for before committing to any new supplies or swaps. Rolos are normally used as address filers in office settings (and can actually run a bit expensive!) so I think I may ultimately use mine as an address book too for pen-pals and such and letting the pen-pal decorate it herself! I've actually gotten to the point where it's a little tough to keep track of addresses, usernames, and likes/dislikes. I'd like to have some fun cards too of course! Goodness knows I have enough supplies! I made the mistake (again) of buying before digging around the house. It should be the first rule of every crafter!

My second rolo!
3rd time is a charm! This one was one of my favs!

The rolodex I found after buying 300 rolo cards! :x
Sorry for the crummy quality of the last few pictures! They're from my phone, but at least there's something to show you! 

What do you think? Would it be weird to send a blank one out to pals and have them decorate and put there info on it? I'd love any feedback!