Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Weekend in Maryland

Back in October I went to visit my friends from college in Maryland! We went hiking, carved pumpkins (which I hadn't done since I was a kid), and my personal favorite, antique shopping!!
Random parade of old men in old cars.

Pretty woods!


Twin 1: Alicia

Twin 2: Kristina

Look at the face!

We quickly discovered that my mini pumpkins were harder to carve than normal sized ones!

Taking out its braaains

My mini pumpkin all lit up! I wish I had one before haha

Jack from the night before Christmas!

Alicia's shocked cannibal pumpkin!
My favorite find at the antique mall! a Post office piggy bank! I also got some floral trays, a mason jar, and a necklace. Everything was really well priced!

Now that I'm totally in the wrong season, how was everyone's winter holidays?